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Beehive Trading Company since 1976

Beehive Trading Co. Since 1976

Beehive Trading Company since 1976

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  • Phillps Jeweler, Poway Ca, San Diego Ca.
  • Munson Jewelers, Palm Springs Ca.
  • Borelli Jewelers, Lodi Ca.
  • Arnoldi Jewelers, Palo Alto Ca.
  • Dempsey and Son, Sacramento Ca.
  • Yamane Jewelers, Los Altos Ca.
  • Rhinehart Jewelers, Walnut Creek Ca.
  • Fantasia Jewelers, Sacramento Ca.
  • Sidney Mobell Jewelers, San Francisco Ca.
  • Zwillingers, San Francisco Ca.
  • Napa Valley Jewelers, Napa Ca.
  • Steiners Jewelers, San Mateo Ca.
  • Norman Mahan Jewelers, Mill Valley Ca.
  • Continental Jewelers Novato Ca.
  • Golden Bough, Aspen Co.
  • Captain Cook Jewelers, Anchorage, Alaska
  • Palmer Jewelers, Ketchikan Alaska
  • Kethikan Mining Co, Ketchikan Alaska
  • David Sacco Designs, Maui Hawaii
  • Bevans Jewelers, Bellvue Wa.
  • Felice Jewelers, Saratoga Ca.
  • Richards Jeweler, Reno Nevada
  • Jack Metzen Jewelers, Sacramento Ca.
  • Gebitus Jewelers (Folsom California Store)
  • Granite Bay Jeweler, Folsom Ca. 
  • Cal Jewelers, Long Beach Ca.
  • Rafael Jewelers, San Rafael Ca.
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